IObit Malware Fighter 64-Bit


Anti-malware and anti-virus specializing in ransomwareIObit Malware Fighter is a free anti-malware and anti-virus program that offers full protection to your computer against ransomware and malicious files of all kinds. It operates from a constantly updated online database and utilizes system resources intuitively without affecting its performance or speed. Without a doubt, it is a highly recommended option.

Powerful, free antivirus programs and antivirus Every day, all computers connected to the Internet face hundreds of threats. As such, it seems to have programs like IObit Malware Fighter basic. The latest version of the software has increased its analytical speed by 130% compared to the previous one and has managed computer resources efficiently. This places special emphasis on ransomware, namely, on malware that hijacks information on your device and requires ransom to access it again. Instead, it is very reliable when it comes to protecting users‘ safety and personal information thanks to their continuous drive system without using too much resources. It also includes ad block and anti-tracking protection filters and SafeSearch as an additional option for users. It does not yet guarantee full security while browsing and files (function () {(‚review-app-side-desktop‘);});

Simple and friendly interface. IObit developers have created a simple and user-friendly interface. It was designed with a black background and green and red elements separating the protected area from the no. Once installed, the user can run it, and half of the window will open where it will be displayed. If you want to check if your system is safe, you can run a quick scan with one click. On the left side of the screen there is a menu with all available options. Here you can do a more detailed search, browse the web for updates, or go to the shared resource center. There is also a tab to access additional program features.

Maximum free protection for your PCT There is no doubt that IObit Malware Fighter is a very complete and effective antivirus program. In fact, it has offered protection against malicious files to thousands of users for over a decade. In this regard, „anti-ransomware“ is considered one of the strongest in the market. Problems caused by viruses like WannaCry for many users highlight the importance of protection. In addition, it is very efficient with very few resources and guarantees data protection. And all this for free. You can’t ask for more. If you are looking for other free options, we recommend downloading Malwarebytes Anti-Malware and SpyBot Search & Destroy.

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