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Log in to your mobile account! WeChat is one of the most popular instant messaging. Like WhatsApp and Messenger, WeChat is available on many platforms, including Mac, Android, iOS and Windows. The computer version lets you talk and share files with connections. To use the computer version, you must register with a mobile number. The Windows version is an add-on to the mobile app, not a replacement. To start WeChat on Windows, just open the mobile app and click on the QR code image that appears on your computer screen. When done, WeChat will log you into the computer version (function () {(‚review-application-page-desktop‘);}); Functional application for chatting, sending files and doing more! As fast and effective communication is becoming increasingly important around the world, there are many messengers available on the Internet. It is important to keep in touch outside of mobile devices. As such, you can download WeChat with a simple and open interface to chat with friends, share files and do many other things on your computer. It’s a lightweight software that lets you manage file transfers, calls, contacts, and location settings directly from Windows settings and a user-friendly interface. As mentioned above, the installation is quite simple and does not require much time. However, you must download the WeChat app from your smartphone to continue the login process on your computer. Without the mobile application, you will not be able to verify the application to access files and you will not need to use an external QR scanner for authentication. WeChat for Android and iOS includes a dedicated scanner for apps. This is a security feature to ensure that application data does not log in to the desktop version, you can immediately start using the WeChat application on your PC. You can back up chats, messages, and file transfers from the Settings menu. Because the smartphone will connect to the Windows system, the messages will be reflected between devices without any other type, transferring files and sharing the location. After downloading WeChat to your computer, it becomes an ideal way to chat with contacts from the phone through a computer. In fact, you get notifications on the desktop when someone wants to connect. With WeChat you can send large files to friends and family. Without a doubt, transferring files is much more useful on desktops and laptops than on smartphones, especially if using the WeChat application is very easy. In addition to transferring files and chats, you can create interesting conversations with emoji and screenshots. The computer version is equipped with a great tool for creating screenshots that automatically shrink around windows as you hold your mouse over them. These simple changes make WeChat a much better option than Facebook and Skype for personal computers, as the lack of video or voice is the most important feature of the latest version of WeChat, which is the ability to help you share documents, photos and other files directly from a Windows -computer. Whether your friends use WeChat computers or smartphones, they will receive files immediately. Perfect cross-platform synchronization makes WeChat a powerful social networking site for Windows. Stored in the cloud and allows easy backup of files. You can back upimages, audio files, movies and other data from a Windows computer or mobile phone. Just add files with a drag-and-drop interface to the specified area. You can use them later when they are a snapshot tool. Take and submit a screenshot for connections. With this tool you can easily add text and shapes to images. In addition, you can download a specific section of the desktop that will be used as an image. If you are a fan of memes and GIFs, this tool can help you create some, if you use the WeChat application as a basic chat service on your tablet or smartphone, WeChat for desktops can help you create fast backups, easily respond to chat and transfer files between your mobile device and computer. Thanks to the friendly interface it is easy to use without having to connect multiple devices! WeChat for PC is definitely a good addition to your smartphone app. However, it cannot be used without a mobile account. Downloading the WeChat app is a great option to stay in touch with friends comfortably without looking at your smartphone.

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