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Microsoft’s leading email program shows its age. If you think that Microsoft Outlook 2013 will get some dramatic new features and improvements like other Office 2013 applications, you’re definitely wrong. Microsoft Outlook 2013 remains the same as the 2010 version. Here’s what changed:

The entire application has a flat appearance, in line with the design language for Windows 8. The entire application is monochrome, contains a lot of white and gray with occasional blue accents. For me, this color scheme makes it difficult to distinguish certain elements of the interface. There are no more icons and everything is in heavy text. At the bottom you will find sections for mail, calendars, people, tasks and more. Missing keys and icons, giving way to minimalist text (function () {(‚preview-application-page-desktop‘);});

Microsoft Outlook 2013 has a touch mode that displays the same menu as other Office 2013 applications. There are bars with frequently used commands, such as answering, deleting, scrolling, highlighting, and highlighting. This is great and gives a nice touch to Microsoft Outlook 2013.

You can now tap to zoom in on the calendar to switch between day, week, and month views. If you’re in a different part of Microsoft Outlook 2013 than the calendar, you can now hover over the calendar section to display your new calendars and tasks throughout the day. The calendar will also show weather information in your area.

Microsoft Linc is still fully integrated into Microsoft Outlook 2013, so you can view the status of your colleagues and start audio or video calls directly from Microsoft Outlook 2013.

Although displaying the letter is a bit difficult to read due to the monochrome color scheme, the views of the people from Microsoft Outlook 2013 have improved. Contacts will now retrieve information from online sources such as Facebook and LinkedIn if you have already linked the service to your own Microsoft account.

Microsoft Outlook 2013 combines duplicate contacts to create a single contact card with a combined oneinformation. If your contact has a photo, the picture will appear as a thumbnail next to the contact. Surprisingly, Microsoft did not include it in the mail view in Microsoft Outlook 2013, which will help them visually distinguish between different emails.

More worrying is the lack of orders quoted in Microsoft Outlook 2013. You still need to find the previous email from the conversation. Surprisingly, Microsoft’s own e-mail application in Windows 8 and Windows RT contains threaded messages.

Another annoying change is the Microsoft Outlook 2013 notification. There’s no way to dismiss it by turning off many alerts if Microsoft Outlook 2013 comes back online. Microsoft has also removed the ability to act via email from notifications, which is a very useful feature.

If you don’t like Outlook 2010, Microsoft Outlook 2013 won’t beat you. While there are some useful new features, the sleek interface and missing features make Office 2013 feel like an old-fashioned email client.

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