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The free process automation application TinyTask is a free Windows automation application that you can use to record and repeat operations. With this tool, you can save simple processes and turn them into a small macro that you can use as many times as you want with the click of a button. As the name suggests, this program is small, only 35 KB, but compact. It also does not require scripting for automation; TinyTask is a simple and unobtrusive application with no cleaning. As mentioned, you don’t need scripting skills to automate the task. All you have to do is record what’s happening on the screen and let the app create the macro. After that, you can repeat the steps at any time. The whole application consists of one window with a very simple and intuitive interface. (function () {(‚overview-application-page-desktop‘);}); All the necessary buttons are displayed on one line, so its use is not so confusing, even if the study material is not available. There’s a help button, but the content isn’t that extensive. To save a task, simply click Save and complete the task. Then the app captures everything you do, whether it’s opening a file or folder, navigating to a website, or even more detailed sequences. When you have finished, you can stop recording and press Play. TinyTask then repeats what he just did. If it is satisfactory, you can click Save and name the macro. You can then drop back to the saved macros to repeat the repeated operations. All you have to do is click on the TinyTask Play button and watch the cursor move independently and complete the process. If your media player tried to play your macros, just close the player, right-click the macro file, and select „Open with“ in the „Open with“ section; Setting Macros All recordings can be saved to the HDD in REC format. You can also compile them as an EXE file so you can recreate them later. This option also allows you to automate as quickly as possible. The program also allows you to configure the task you want to automate. In the settings panel, you can select normal or fast playback speed. Additionally, you can configure it to play the number of times entered by the user or to be continuous. You can also hide or show tips in the settings panel and remember the settings for INI files. You can also configure keyboard shortcuts and playback for simplicity; useful software To sum it up, TinyTask is a useful tool for automating repetitive tasks. The application is very light, so CPU and memory usage is minimal. It also allows for quick and easy automation through recording and playback. If you need to do repetitive processes, this is a handy tool that reduces the task to just one;

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