Road Rash Torrent


Fast wheel (function () {(‚review-app-page-desktop‘);}); Road Rash is an electronic racing art game with street racing on motorcycles, which fights against other competitors and the police. In the 1990s, six different ports were released on gaming platforms. This version is a port for the PC, which at that time provided realistic graphics. It has a simple racing mechanics, where the motorcycle remains on one horizontal axis when turning, moving left or right. Physics affects how a bike moves on tight turns, ramps, hills and rough terrain, so players can use the terrain to start long distances or accidentally hit. Every runner, including the player, is resistant to endurance, and the end of endurance causes abrasion. Players can damage competing pilots, but they must avoid hitting obstacles and attacks. They can steal weapons by beating or kicking competitors, including carts, chains, rackets, crowbars, nunchakus and cradles. Police will also try to arrest the runners. Whoever is stopped by the police will be released and the race for them will end. Completing the races will allow players to purchase an upgrade or a new motorcycle.

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