Sniper Assassins End 2020 Pirate DVDRip movie torrent


Genre: Activity
Director: Kaare Andrews
Actors: Chad Michael Collins, Tom Berenger, Sayaka Akimoto, Ryan Robbins, Lochlyn Munro
Plot: Sniper Brandon Beckett of Special Operations is named as the main suspect in the murder of a foreign official before signing an estimated trade agreement with the United States. Beckett realizes he almost avoids death, that there may be an illegal operator on the board, and collaborates with the only person he can trust: his father, the legendary shooter Sgt. Thomas Beckett. The two Becketts are fleeing with the CIA, Russian mercenaries, and Lady Death, a Yakuza-trained assassin with shooting skills who competes with two legendary shooters.
Container = sailor (mkv)
Length = 01:35
File size = 1 GiB
Codec Information = AVC | V_MPEG4 / ISO / AVC
Resolution = 720×296
Show AR = | : 1
Bit rate = 1700 kbps
Framerate = CFR Color Space = YUV
Partial sampling from Chrome = 4: 2: 0
Encoder = x264-159 R2991 1771b55 core
Info codec = AC-3 | A_AC3
Channel = 6
Bit rate = CBR 448 kbps
Sampling = kHz
Language = English

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