Die Goonies 1985 Movie Download Torrent


A group of young unadapted names Goonies discover an ancient map and go on an adventure searching for the lost treasure of a legendary pirate.
Richard Donner Writers:
Chris Columbus (screenplay), Steven Spielberg (screenplay) Stars:
Sean Astin, Josh Brolin, Jeff Cohen | Mikey and his friends have always wanted to embark on an adventure. One night everyone is in Mikey’s attic and Mikey comes across an old map. Mikey had always wanted to know if the one-eyed Willy had ever been a real person, and now he could. They set off and then realized they had to go through the restaurant of the evil mother Fratelli to get to the secret passage to the caves. As they try to enter the caves, Fratelli’s mom catches Chuck and leaves him behind. Then he meets Sloth, one of the sons of Mama Fratelli, with a destroyed face. Make friends with Sloth. Meanwhile, Mama Fratelli and her children are also trying to reach the treasure. Will the kids arrive before Mom Fratelli? Will Chuck ever get out of his basement?

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