The Comeback Trail 2020 download full movie torrent


Two filmmakers who owe it to the public to commit their aging movie star insurance scams in an attempt to save themselves. But they eventually got more than they could have imagined.
Author: George Gallo:
George Gallo (screenplay), Josh Posner (screenplay) Greedy filmmaker Max Barber (Robert Deniro) is indebted to the public and needs a new money-making system to save his skin. He decides to produce a dangerous new film, killing his protagonist character until he can raise insurance money. But when he plays Duke Montana (Tommy Lee Jones) as an old and old movie star, Max never expects the depressed old drunk to be revived by being in front of the camera again. Max can’t kill Duke in his original action, but he raises his stakes and puts Duke in a more dangerous situation. As Duke survives in the aftermath of the action, Max accidentally starts making the best films of his career. On the cruises of „Get Shorty“ and „The Producers“, COMEBACK TRAIL is a fun journey through the belly of Hollywood. Full of unforgettable and outrageous character, this makes you laugh.

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