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Dolby Atmos is a popular surround sound format, a competitor to DTS: X, and can be found in everything from large commercial movies to small home movies. The ’sink‘ format also serves as a new way to enjoy music from The Beatles to Ariana Grande on mobile phones and speakers. While major changes from the previous design are an increase in channel length, the Atmos track will work with the traditional five-speaker system with subwoofer () or multiple (or few) speakers as is.

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Dolby Atmos Changing Your Entertainment Experience

Move the sound closer to you

Instead of being restricted to terminals, the sounds can be adjusted and transferred to a three-dimensional space.

Increases head size

A new sense of height immerses you in action, creating a complete soundtrack and actually depicting moving objects over your head.

It produces amazing sound quality

Dolby Atmos offers everything from conversations and silent curtains to a stage that revolves around good clarity, richness, detail and depth.

Create a delightful entertainment experience

They all come together in a voice that excites your emotions and inspires your emotions to be a recreational influence

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