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Learning is fun! Purble Place is a collection of single player strategy games developed by Oberon Games. They make casual games for desktop and mobile devices. The three games that make up Purble Place are Comfy Cakes, Purble Shop, and Purble Pairs. Initially, this is intended for adolescents before practicing their cognitive skills such as memory, hand-eye coordination, and problem solving. While this is a children’s game, experienced users can still enjoy it as the difficulty becomes increasingly difficult; The three-in-one platform game Purble Places game pack is free, so you can choose any game you want to play. Purble Pairs is a pattern recognition game where the goal is to clear the table in a few turns. The number of grids increased to make it more challenging for you, starting with the 5×5 grid, then 6×6 and finally 8×8. More pictures are also added as you play, as well as bonuses. To make it easier, you can use Sneak Peek coins to show what is left; (function () {(‚review-app-page-desktop‘);}); Comfy Cakes is a hand-eye coordination game. Here you are at the bakery where you must arrange the cake to suit the order. The cake consists of shape, flavor, frosting and other decorations. The cake can be as simple as a regular chocolate cake, or a complexly decorated layered cake. Fines will be imposed for sending cakes that do not fit the exact order. After you make the wrong order for the third time, the game is; Purble Shop is a hidden math test like a code-breaking game. The game has five features – hat, nose, mouth, eye set, and clothing items – hidden from the player. You have to choose from a variety of colors, then you have to get the right feature color in as many lashes as possible. At the entry stage there are three features with three possible colors. Three to three strengths are twenty-seven. Combination options increase as you switch between intermediate and advanced levels; Challenging for all ages Purble Place is a simple yet challenging game that you can play or encourage young users to use it. The game pack makes the experience more dynamic as each game differs from each other in terms of game mechanics. While the games are fun, remember that they are all single players;

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