Windows 10 Pro x64 pt-BR Lite MAR 2021 Torrent


It was added to the workspace to paste / deactivate Windows Defender and Windows Update

System: Windows 10 Lite – Ms. Ativado Com Digital License

Verso: 2009 – 20H2


Idiom: PT-BR

Architecture: x64


Tamanho da ISO: G.

Credit: Rurielson Ribeiro

Hashes makes an archive


MD5: 74E636E753EA018315CCEC13E129780F

SHA-1: 0509A8437DBE2F32541FCB4FF4AC681B59248CDE


H – network framework,

H – Windows Defender

H – SMB1 protocol

H – direct game

Modern user interface applications

M – Microsoft Store

R – Cortana

M-Calculadora makes Windows

Windows accessibility accessories

R – Manuteno Automtica

R – top up at any time

R – character

R – Editor of Mtodo de Entrada

Editor of R – Caracteres Privados

R – Narrador

R – Gravador de Passos

R – tablet (math tablet)

R-Contatos makes Windows

R – Transfer Fcil to Windows


R – built-in lock

R – telemetry

R – shared computer

R – OneDrive

R – Rpida aid

R – Forum Feedback


D – Contacts – Allow access as contact information for this device

D – Contacts – Allow applications to access my name, picture, and more

contact information

D – Histrico de Atividades – Deixar Window coletar minhas atividades

D – Histrico de Atividades – Deixar Windows syncronizar minhas atividades com a nuvem

D – Apps de segundo plano – permission to manage Segundo Plano

D – feedback and diagnostics – sending diagnostic data to uso

D – Feedback and Diagnostics – Sending digital data and information to Microsoft

D – Feedback and Diagnostics – Send feedback to de Frequncia

D – Geral – Allow applications to use my ad ID to test applications


D – Windows Update

H – Windows Defender

R – telemetry

R – Windows Insider

D – Descoberta de Plano de Fundo do DevQuery

D – Windows Mobile coverage

D – fax


D – peace control

D – Telefnico

D – Compartilhamento de Rede for Windows Media Player

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