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After numerous non-traditional thieves recruited the famous criminal Richard Pace, he found himself in a difficult gold trap that could have far-reaching consequences for his life and countless others.
Renny Harlin Authors:
Kurt Wimmer (screenplay), Robert Henny (screenplay) Even a federal prison with maximum security cannot have Richard Pace (Golden Globe nominee PIERCE BROSNAN), a brilliant international asset. But his brave escape and hunt for high-octane cars, avoided by the FBI and police, ends with the robbery of modern Robin Hoods band, The Misfits. Led by the eccentric and charismatic Ring (NICK CANNON) with Hope (HERMIONE CORFIELD), daughter Violet (JAMIE CHUNG), Prince (RAMI JABER) and Wick (MIKE ANGELO) Paci – a mysterious group that does angry things for everyone. A professional group persuades Pace to join them in a century of theft: millions of gold bars are stolen, held in one of the safest prisons in the country, owned by the fraudster Schultz (Tim Roth) and used to fund terrorist groups around the world. . In addition to the money, Pace wants revenge on the man behind Schultz’s arrest. From LA to Abu Dhabi are narrow engines, false identities, multiple damage, camels

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