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Easy-to-use disk cleaning software! SpaceSniffer is free, useful and reliable software for scanning files on your Windows PC. This tool will give you a clear picture of how files and folders are organized on your computer’s hard drive. To check disk space, the program uses the Treemap visualization layout, which gives you a color perception of the location of large files and folders on the device. Because this disk cleaner is fast, it provides a clear picture of the entire situation within seconds. One-click SpaceSniffer provides a detailed view of the selected file, including size, file name, date of manufacture, quick check of file scanning! With SpaceSniffer, you’ll have a good idea of ​​how space is distributed on your Microsoft Windows PC. This file scanner not only scans your computer’s hard drive, but also lets you scan connected drives. Because it uses the Treemap visualization layout, interesting results are easier to explore. Unlike WinDirStat, SpaceSniffer analyzes every file and folder on the selected drive to display the results in a rectangular shape. If the box looks bigger, it needs more hard drive space (function() {(‚review-app-page-desktop‘);}); How to use SpaceSniffer? The general display model of the program is animated. It uses the same image for color and size. When you mouse over the animated boxes, they will light up to show more detail. You can simply double-click the box to view its contents and explore the folder structure. Compared to TreeSize and SequoiaView, SpaceSniffer comes with some very impressive features. All elements of the rendering result change, for example, when you download something from the Internet, the file is immediately added to the animation template. The same goes for deleting and modifying files. SpaceSniffer has a text box that allows you to filter the results with a smooth syntax. If you don’t have much technical knowledge, it will be explained in the Help section and the Setup menu of the program, you can easily adjust the animation effects and color combinations. Too much data interface may be preferable, and configuration options simplify certain aspects. While using SpaceSniffer, you have the option to export the scan results in text format. Can you also manually tag folders and files for easy export, and does SpaceSniffer have advanced features? The latest version of the program comes with several file classes, which allow you to add different colors to file types. For better visual tracking, the program uses shadows of selected items on the screen. Folder name mask filters provide better control over file distribution. In addition, export tags include disk size, nested level, and date. Similarly, instructions for creating, opening, and modifying filter analysis commands are added to the file aging string, and developers are adding efficient algorithms. Added DynaSmooth options for better performance and feedback. There is also a rescan feature, which has helped improve performance. SpaceSniffer also has aefficient file detection and modification algorithm that:displays custom information. Is SpaceSniffer a good choice? Under popular names like UtilStudio Disk Space Finder, SpaceSniffer has become a popular user-centric app. In short, it is very suitable for all types of users, regardless of the level of technical skills or knowledge. With an intuitive and animated interface, the program focuses on simplicity. Since you can adjust the level of detail in the file and folder overview, you get a lot of customization options to focus on the things you will use SpaceSniffer, you will be satisfied with the fast file scanning speed. Within seconds, the program can scan your entire hard drive to give you results on space usage and optimization. This program makes cleaning disks on your computer easier and making the right choices about storage – the best way to free up space on a Windows PC! SpaceSniffer is one of the easiest disk cleanup programs to use. It provides a comprehensive overview of hard disk space usage. This will help you understand resource allocation on your computer. With this program, you can decide to clean the disk easily, there is no shortage of disk cleaning programs, SpaceSniffer comes with many advanced features, fast speed and real-time monitoring. Therefore, it is very popular among Windows users around the world. Without a doubt, downloading SpaceSniffer is the way to go.

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