Graphics Converter Pro v5 Meezy Torrent


Graphics Converter Pro is an easy-to-use and powerful image converter and viewer that can import and export more than 500 graphic formats to 100+ formats, including BMP, GIF, JPG, PNG and more.

The program is equipped with 40 filters and 12 image effects and supports many vector graphic formats.

Supports more than 500 graphic formats and 22 vector graphic image formats, including CGM, DGN, DWF, DXF, DWG, GBR, PCT, PLT, WMF and more. See the list of 500 supported formats for more information.

Supports conversions between 100+ formats and JPG2000 (JP2, J2K, JPC and JPF) images.

Supports batch conversion of PDF files to 100+ graphic formats such as JPG, GIF, PNG, TIF and so on.

Supports batch conversion to 500 PDFs.

Graphics Converter Pro can also convert vector graphics (such as DWG, CGM, DGN, DWF, etc.) to PDF.

Provides 40 image filters, including blur, focus, relief, diffuser, color balance and more.

Provides 12 image effects, including size, rotation, wave, noise, random rotation and more. You can easily resize images in groups.

You can save and apply selected filters or effects as default settings during batch processing.

What’s new in Graphics Converter Pro?

Alpha Channels Support: Graphics Converter Pro fully supports A1 channel in 32-bit PNG or ICO formats and fully supports transparency layer in GIF, PNG or ICO format.

Multi-page support: Graphics Converter Pro fully supports multi-page formats. You can convert, create or preview images with multiple pages, including TIF, GIF, PCX, AWD, WFX, FLI and FLC.

Powerful Size Features: Supports three modes of modification, including ’standard size‘, ‚custom size‘ and ‚aspect ratio‘. In the „Standard Size“ mode, there are 50 standard sizes.

Create a large icon: You can create more than 512 512 pixel icons from any other supported format.

Preview Modes: Graphics Converter Pro has four preview modes, including detail, preview, thumbnails, and custom. You can easily change mode by clicking on the buttons in the top right corner.

Graphics Converter Pro contains 6 powerful and professional tools:

Watermark maker, image capture, image splitter, image combination, frame maker, image size and photo renaming tool. You can process images and photos in batches per tool and then save them in a single PDF file

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