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GoodSync is great software for syncing or synchronizing multiple folders. No matter where the folder is, the folder is anywhere, on your personal system, on your FTP server, on other computers on the network and S, GoodSync can easily sync changes and files to the right location. For example, you can set each time you add a file to the system, delete a file, or make another change, display the change in one of your systems or other locations we mentioned, and vice versa, if the destination folder has changed, apply the same change in the source folder.

GoodSync features:

Full synchronization of folders, subfolders and files

Automatically detect changes, including files created, deleted and others similar

Ability for one -way synchronization, useful for backups

Ability to synchronize different locations

High speed in synchronization mode with low memory usage

Synchronize folders between servers and locations

Possibility of extended synchronization with filters (for example, based on volume, date of correction and other models)

A 64-bit version of the program is available

Ability to specify folders on disks and removable drives by disk name

No need to control files

Ability to compress files and folders during synchronization

Ability to copy locked files

Ability to adjust the speed of copying files and folders


GoodSync system requirements

Windows XP Windows XP 64 bit Windows Vista Windows Vista 64 bit Windows 7 Windows 7 64 bit Windows 8 Windows 8 64 bit Windows 10 Windows 10 64 bit

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