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PilotEdit is a convenient and reliable file editor designed to help users run scripts, extract strings, and edit large files. PilotEdit is a file editor that lets you find and replace text in multiple lines, edit FTP files or even download and upload FTP files and folders. PilotEdit made editing files easier. PilotEdit is an advanced text and hex editor that supports opening files larger than 4 GB. It offers customizable keyword syntax and selection, advanced search and replace operations, automatic text encryption, 256-bit AES encryption / decryption, and a built-in FTP client that lets you access, edit, and upload files directly to or from an FTP server.

Simple user interface

All program functions are displayed in a window. The application workspace is divided into three smaller windows. The first gives you access to files and folders stored on your computer. The second allows you to view and edit the text, the third is an output window where you can see program messages for various actions.

Edit your text

You can see the entered text in column mode, wrap words or view HEX values ​​for it. The tool can automatically remove tabs and spaces. You can change the text to uppercase or lowercase letters and increase or decrease the indentation of the text. The program can specify the system date and time in the document. In addition, you can search, select or delete words via the „Edit“ tab.

Different coding modes

You can change the coding to ANSI or UTF and set the output to run on different systems, such as DOS, UNIX or MAC. The tool can implement a variety of predefined scripts that can change the date format and remove blank lines or HTML tags. PilotEdit can sort, find and delete duplicate lines or use it to separate text strings and copy them to the clipboard.

FTP options

The tool can find and replace a custom object in multiple folders and files, which is useful if you have a large text file with many lines. It can open an encrypted FTP file or use it to decrypt your files. The program can save your FTP data and connect to your FTP server.


Overall, PilotEdit is a useful tool for users who want to edit their documents and then upload them to their FTP server. The program did not load system resources and did not show any errors during the tests.

Here are some of the key features of PilotEdit:

The file size supported by PilotEdit is unlimited.

-PilotEdit uses only a small amount of memory, even if you open a large file.

-ANSI, UTF-8, UTF-16 and UTF-16 large Endian files are fully supported by PilotEdit. You can easily change the file encoding with PilotEdit.

-DOS, UNIX file support. When you copy / paste text, PilotEdit automatically adjusts the text encoding.

-Self-defined file types and keywords.

The -HEX interface mode is as friendly as the text mode.

– Column mode.

-Infinitely undo / redo. You can also edit your edit undo / redo after switching between text mode and HEX mode.

-Word wrapping lets you see long lines on a page.

-PilotEdit has a user-friendly interface for editing FTP files. PilotEdit also allows you to download / upload FTP files and folders.

-Multi-line Finding and replacing text became so easy with PilotEdit.

-PilotEdit lets you comparetwo files or two folders.

-A custom string table allows you to add predefined text with one click.

-Regular expression has made search and replacement much more powerful.

– You can define some actions in the script file and perform them in the script file, so that you do not have to repeat your work from day to day.

-Find / remove duplicates

-String collection

-Find / replace several folders


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