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Mozilla Firefox Download Torrent


Mozilla Firefox, a free and open source browser, is a free web browser for Windows and Mac. Launched by the Mozilla Foundation in 2003, the open source program has undergone several name changes, facial updates, and upgrades to become a major search engine software with key benefits. The American company behind Mozilla Suite already had a search engine launched in 2002, but wanted to avoid the limitations of sponsoring Netscapes. Originally called Phoenix, the brand was changed to Firebird in 2004 and then to Firefox to avoid trademark claims. Since then, becoming one of the most popular browsers for Windows, Mac, Linux, and mobile devices with 32-bit systems, Mozilla Firefox in 2016 was upgraded to a 64-bit MSI package for Windows. The main advantages include better protection against downloads, process separation and special settings in the web browser. While you can use the interface bar as a search engine, it seems like Google is an attractive, colorful theme that most people who use the platform like, and the ease of use and minimal menu are some of the most important advantages. Speed ​​Firefox competes with some of the best browsers available, with less memory and other Windows features. It has no advanced security tools and protocols. One of the biggest problems for anyone using a browser is the security of downloading and using Mozilla Firefox. In 2019, the German Federal Office of Information Security declared it the most secure web browser in the world. Of all the features analyzed, the list of trusted Firefox certificates that appeared on the platform also has clear privacy protocols for 32-bit and 64-bit operating systems that protect your computer from cookie tracking. Certificates approved as a certificate revocation checklist, and check the network certificate status protocol. In addition, Mozilla Firefox provides the appropriate icon and color code for whether the website is encrypted or extends Firefox’s security features, has strict HTTP transport security, and supports the same source policy. There is a password manager that stores all your data in one place and you will receive regular updates to ensure optimal performance. You can also block and delete cookies and clear your browser history if you want to have a Firefox account. Although you will receive basic services when using a web browser, creating a Firefox account has special advantages. The most important of the list is Firefox Sync, which allows you to access your account data on any Windows device. There’s also a pocket-sized tool that keeps multiple web pages on your reading list based on your enjoyment of helping other participants with program problems; having a formal account allows you to respond to requests for help. You can also sync notes for easy access to your desktop and mobile phone. To increase security, you can control all data breaches. A Firefox account also allows you to view content on Fire TV by receiving cards from other Windows devices. If you have installed add-ons and themes for your browserweb, the only way to save it is to register it in other Windows browsers. When it comes to quality internet searches, Google Chrome comes to mind quickly. It corresponds to the speed of Mozilla Firefox, slightly exceeding it in terms of desktop. The latter wins the battle with performance when it opens multiple tabs, because it is not so hungry for resources, because Edge is another industry-leading competitor, designed and built for the Windows environment. This is an internal web browser, which receives updates while the system is running. However, as Edge is still relatively new, it has a long way to go to reach the huge Firefox market and security, many companies have rated Opera as one of the most innovative display platforms. Its instant search feature and advanced tools build on the success of Chromes. Recent Opera features have set a benchmark for others, including cryptocurrencies, Web 3 support, and VPN for additional Internet services; Another option is to give Avast Secure a try; How to download and install Mozilla Firefox software Download easily and effortlessly. When you open it, you will need to specify where to install the program. You won’t be able to sync files with your Firefox account until the main drawback after setting up your browser is that you’ll have to work on all available settings for a while after installation. However, it is best to do so to ensure advanced security measures. Once installed and running, you can click the menu tab to see all the privacy and control your web browsing on Windows. Mozilla Firefox is far from its days as Phoenix and Firebird. It has powerful security systems to protect your privacy and passwords, claiming that this name is the most secure browser of 2019. You can also access additional tools and settings with a registered account. Of all its features, the performance stands out above others. Speed ​​is the result of the need for fewer resources, unlike other browsers, which gives you a better experience. It also includes several new updates, such as blocked cryptocurrency notifications, enhanced notifications, and enhanced support updates.

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Windows 10 UltraOS Final pt-BR x64 Junho 2021 Torrent Descargar


::::: EDIES ::::::

Windows 10 Pro

Windows 10 Pro + DEF

1 Edio: Sem Windows Defender

2 Edio: COM Windows Defender

con soporte para nuevos lanzamientos de ATUALIZAES construyendo el futuro para ATUALIZAES!

::::: OBS :::::::

versa lite stavel con todos los componentes DRIVERS, con soporte para nuevas actualizaciones actualizaciones

el futuro se está construyendo.

Telemetría seguridad privada

DISISTALADOS todos os apps meny a calculadora –

con el soporte de Instalao para aplicaciones de alojamiento.

Microsoft Store Capture de tela esta aplicación en pasta No se requiere el menú de Windows UltraOS

Los PROGRAMAS OS Pasta UltraOS no están instalados, por ejemplo, Instaladores online

Si desea instalar IMPRESSOR, puede utilizar un parche que no contenga el menú CONTEXTO Ferrament.

Barra de notificaciones búsqueda

:::: INTEGRADO ::::



Bota MS Dart


Nuevos fondos de pantalla para Windows


Instalado por Antivrus

Instalar Windows Defender

Instalar Kaspersky

Instalador de Panda

Programa de instalación de Avast

Instaladores de navegador

Instalar Chrome

Instalar Firefox

Instalador de Opera

Instalador de Opera GX

Instalador de Chromium Edge

programas esenciales

Instalador de 7Zip

Instalar WinRAR


Instala Microsoft Store





Edificio 21H1

Código ISO:

Arquitectura: x64

Disco Tamanho: 11 GB

Modismo: PT-BRAZIL

MD5: 3791B07382566167D5CC41A07D0CE37A

Créditos: Gleison Lima

WINDOWS 10 21H1 Ultra lite Oscuro

construcción 21H1: V2

Arquitectura: X64

ISO de Tamanho: GB

Créditos: Gleison Lima

Disco Tamanho: GB

Modismo: pt-BR (original)

BIOS: UEFI / Heredado

forma: ISO / ESD

MD5: E549CF19CD33EDEAC412890FCB769D1C

======= EDIES ======

W10 Ultra lite. – Requiere Windows 10

W10 Ultra lite X – Clásico inicial

W10 Ultra lite Dark: ejecute Windows 10

W10 Ultra lite Dark X – Inicia Clssico

Edies 1 2 con el tema padro W10

Edies 3 4 con tema Ultra lite Dark

Edio X: a diferencia de lo personalizado con más diseño pero con configuraciones más configurables

======= ELIMINAR ======

Rede – lan Wlan FUNCTIONANDO

Restaurante S.




Hyper -V

todos los solicitantes

teclados con pantalla táctil

Barra de juguetes para Xbox xbox

Microsoft Edge: se puede reutilizar instalar sin conexión

Onedrive – Mas Podera Ser Reinstalando Novamente

Microsoft Store: menú de instalación Inicializar.

= OBS =


Rede lan, wlan compatilhamento de pastas est Funkcionira.

se puede lograr una solución impresionante reconstruyendo Wi-Fi.

Mas ao deixar a rede descoberta reconhece normal.

Grabe dicho cambio Shift + PrtScr



Aps a controladores DOS DESATIVE instalados en WINDOWS UPDATE.

Para agregar StartIsBack después de 2 Edio ()

==== Sistema para uso doméstico ====

Edio de Documentos sin oficina

Reproducción de video audio

Navegao en Internet.

Inga Efetuei TESTER en JOGOS

=== DESATIVADO =====


Central de aes DESATIVADO

No anima Windows DESATIVADO

Sombras en janes curso DESADIVADO

Efeito BLUR después de Tela de Bloqueio DESATIVADO

EMBALAJE abaixo para Habilitar

==== INTEGRADO =====


Tema oscuro ultra claro

Papel tapiz para papel tapiz



VISUAL C ++ x86x64

Calculadora Clssica

Computadora portátil

Visor de imágenes clásico

===== Menú de inicio ======


* Antivirus

Instale Kaspersky Free Antivirus

InstallerPanda antivirus gratuito

Instalador Avaster gratisantivirus

* Navegantes

Instalar Chrome

Instalar Firefox

Instalador de Opera

Instalador de Opera GX

Instalador de Chromium Edge

* Cosas básicas

Instalador de 7Zip

Instalar WinRAR

Instala Microsoft Store



===== Menú de inicio ======


Instala Microsoft Store




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CPU Z ChiChi Download


CPU-Z Free Processor Identification Tool is a tool that provides detailed information about your current operating system. This package can be extremely useful for troubleshooting, as well as when the user needs to determine which version of the operating system is available before downloading a particular one; Unlike other hardware monitoring options such as Aida64, Core Temp and MSI Afterburner, this app is free to download and install, and is also available for Android devices. CPU-Z will display all important information in tabular form. The user can scroll up or down for special reading; (function () {(‚review-app-page-desktop‘);}); What is CPU Z used for? The program gives you technical information about the processor which includes name and supplier, basic steps and processing. It also features a batch clock multiplier and partial overclocking detection, as well as internal and external clocks. Some of the indicators shown include type of processor and its processing power, number of cores, architecture, clock speed and GPU; Other variables, such as available RAM, are also available at the touch of a button. Vendor, model and revision, BIOS model and date, chipset (north and south bridges) and sensor, as well as the graphical interface used are among the motherboard analyzes monitored. In the memory analysis area you will find frequencies, time and timetables as well as module specifications. If you use the Serial Presence Detection feature, you can also check which versions of Microsoft Windows and DirectX are installed on your computer. Interface version, connection width, maximum support and sidebars are included in the graphical analysis. The program also shows the cache handle, size and speed. To start and use the CPU-Z software, can you use the software to stop the timer, perform CPU measurements and stress tests, and select the CPU to use the CPU Z? Since there are almost no command icons in the application interface, you should have no problem using it. The software is similar to reading a report, albeit with a lot of information. Data displayed by CPU-Z is primarily data-oriented. Therefore, it is unlikely to be useful for ordinary computer users. Technophiles, on the other hand, will appreciate the attention of the seven-compartment interface, which includes everything from chipset and motherboard manufacturers to the watch’s technical specifications. You should be able to easily get information about RAM, cache, graphics and SPD on our computer. Everything is listed in tables that are easy to read with a lot of technical terminology and it would take significantly more time to find that information with traditional methods. Unfortunately, the app does not have a unique function such as overclocking. Although some of the accompanying charts and graphs would be useful. In general, this program produces a large amount of raw data in an easy-to-read format that you can use as a reference, and the second CPU-Z master is important because it provides all that information in a very concentrated way. Therefore, access to multiple system settings is no longer required to discover detailed information. It also shows the computer’s battery status and temperature, both of which are important in assessing its performance.

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Windows 10 Super lite Dark Pro pt-BR x64 2021 torrent


Windows 10 Superlite Dark Pro

21H1 20H2.

!!! Windows Update works normally !!!

For installation stations and BUILD.

Tamanho ISO:

Tamanho Disco: ULTRA

Trade payables: Gleison Lima

Architecture: x64

Idiom: pt-BR (Nativo)

BIOS: UEFI / Legacy


==== EDIES =====

Windows 10 Pro 21H1

Windows 10 Pro 20H2

===== INTEGRADO ====



The theme is mid-summer 2021

Dark green theme + 5 extra

Novo wallpaper 4k

Novo lock screen

Icons in gray-blue

======= DELETE ======



Subway application

Restaurao S.

Onedrive – Poderar Ser Reinstalando Novamente

Microsoft Store – INSTALADOR for real use

===== DESATIVADO ====


Animaes does not have Windows DESATIVADO

Sombra em Janelas and Curso DESATIVADO

tela de Bloqueio DESATIVADO


DESATIVADO telemetry

A pack for a habilitarian

==== PASTA BNUS ====

ULTRA COMPACTAO 50% – no price

Funcionando, mas faa ja instalao desse pack parapara.


DESATIVAR Windows Update.

LIMPEZA do Sistema

Install Office online

Download and install the Microsoft Office Direct version.

ProPlus 2019 standard

=== EDUCATION = ===


Kaspersky free NOVA VERSO

Panda Antivirus NOVA VERSO






WINDOWS 10 21H1 Ultra lite dark

Configuration 21H1: V2

Architecture: x64

Tamanho ISO: GB

Trade payables: Gleison Lima

Tamanho Disco: GB

Idiom: pt-BR (Nativo)

BIOS: UEFI / Legacy

Format: ISO / ESD

MD5: E549CF19CD33EDEAC412890FCB769D1C

======= EDIES ======

W10 Ultralite. – Show Windows 10

W10 Ultra lite X – Iniciar Clssico

W10 Ultra lite Dark – The first Windows 10

W10 Ultra lite Dark X – Iniciar Clssico

Edies 1 and 2 com pado W10

Edies 3 and 4 com theme Ultra lite Dark

Edio X: versus customizada com mais desempenho, mas com configuraes desativadas

======= DELETE ======


Restaurao S.





todos os Aplicativos

teclades, scooters and touch screen

Xbox and Xbox game bar

Microsoft Edge – Podera and Reinstalando are used or installed offline

Onedrive – mas Podera Ser Reinstalando Novamente

Microsoft Store – Setup Menu Iniciar.

= OBS =


Puhe lan, wlan and compartilhamento de pastas esto.

If you need to connect to a Wi-Fi connection, it can’t be installed on your computer.

Mas ao deixar and Rede descoberta return to normal.

Shift Shift + PrtScr



See DESATIVE or WINDOWS UPDATE for the Install DOS driver.

Do you want to start or use StartIsBack and 2 Edios ()

==== Domestic system ====

Edio de Documentos does not have an office

Video and audio playback

Navegao and the Internet.

No Efetuei TEST YOGA

=== DESATIVADO =====



Animaes does not have Windows DESATIVADO

Sombra em Janelas and Curso DESATIVADO

Efeito BLUR and Bloqueio DESATIVADO

PACKAGE abaixo para Habilitar

==== INTEGRADO =====


Ultra lite dark theme

Wallpaper dark



VISUAL C ++ x86x64

Calculadora clssica

Bloco de Notas

Visualized by Classico de Imagem

===== Start menu ======


* Antivirus

Install Kaspersky Free Antivrus

Install Panda Free Antivrus

Instalador AvasterFree antivirus

* Navegadores


Installer Firefox


MechanicOpera GX

Instalador Edge Chromium

* Basics

Installer 7Zip

Install WinRAR

Microsoft Store installer



===== Start menu ======


Microsoft Store installer




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Scratch Torrent


Learn to code with this free app! MIT Scratch is a free program designed to help children learn programming basics using visual tools. The learning tool was developed by a team from MIT Media Labs and is suitable for children over the age of six. It has a simple and beginner-friendly interface that gradually increases the level of difficulty as your child grows. They even get access to more complex functions that they can integrate into their projects. The MIT Scratch application for Windows is such a versatile tool that adults who do not know how to program successfully can learn different programming languages. With its help, users can create animations, stories, games, and more. The app also has a supportive online community and has several tutorials to get you started. If you want to try other similar learning apps, some of the best are Google Classroom, Mavis Beacon Free, and Udemy. (Function () {(‚review-app-page-desktop‘);}); What is MIT scratch? Scratch is a web-based coding program that makes coding fun. With help, children can learn to think creatively, use logical reasoning, and work with other children. It is an application that is used in schools, museums, libraries, laboratories and at home all over the world. The free downloadable application allows students to combine sounds, photos, and graphics to create animations, slide shows, applications, programs, and games. Use a simple drag and drop method to make learning fun. The more projects you create, the better you get! The program is also quite intuitive and becomes more and more complex as the user progresses. The latest version of Scratch Download for Windows includes several new features that can extend the learning mechanism. It now comes with an updated audio editor, additional programming tools, and the ability to create a dozen or more sprites. It also expands on how students can use Scratch to complete various projects. The latest version is not limited to laptops and desktops, and it can be used on tablets as well. Is Scratch made by MIT? Yes, the MIT Scratch app is free programming and learning software developed by MIT Media Lab. The app is a project of the Lifelong Kindergarten Group, an attempt by MIT to help young children learn programming concepts. Scratch gets its name from the scratch technique, a term coined by musicians who use turntable manipulation with prerecorded sound to create music. an MIT effort from start to finish. The goal is to help children develop innovative applications and programs to show creativity. What are the characteristics of MIT Scratch? With the help of the MIT scratch editor, you can quickly learn the basics of programming. Programming in the app means moving different blocks and putting them together to form puzzle pieces. With simple movements of the mouse, children can create pictures, insert sounds, and submit interesting projects. With simple commands, users can create and animate characters to move, dance, andWhile the whole process is easier than learning programming languages ​​like Java, Swift, and Python, it still serves as a great entry point for future software developers. If you use Scratch it will be very easy. But if you continue with the application, you will find several additional features that make the application more complicated and advanced. Plus, students can quickly complete and share MIT Scratch projects online. In this way, they can get feedback from more experienced users and allow them to discover new coding techniques. The program offers parental supervision, which makes the app quite safe for young children. Furthermore, users can work with the program even without active Internet. Are there any benefits to using the MIT Scratch app? With the browser-based application, you can create programs with various predefined coding elements, such as forward / backward ten steps, hello, or scroll. These color-coded elements can be used in different sprites like cats, dogs, rabbits, etc. The fun part is that no two programs created from scratch are the same. Children can use the elements in different steps to create a program that does something unique. All specified actions will result in an effect and the entire project can be saved and run in minutes. Users can also upload their work online and receive constructive feedback. You can also see the work of other young programmers and learn how they created and operated your sprite or application. What programming languages ​​can I learn with MIT Scratch? While you can’t learn to program with MIT Scratch, you can learn important programming concepts like: Loops, Variables, Conditions, Orders, and more. Thanks to these concepts, you can easily move on to learning difficult languages ​​like C ++, Java, Python, Swift, and more. the learning curve. First of all, it doesn’t confuse the user with complicated terms. Instead, use color-coded elements to teach loops and conditional statements. Plus, the MIT Scratch app includes built-in tutorials and discussions to get you started. The only downside is that the app doesn’t have enough material to help kids transition from putting puzzle pieces together to actual programming. Is it scratch-free? MIT Scratch is free and works online and offline. In fact, you don’t even have to create an account to use the program. Just open Scratch and use it to study. The only time you will need a Scratch account is to save projects. The show also has a junior version that is suitable for children under the age of six. Should you download MIT Scratch? If you plan to introduce your kids to the complex world of coding and programming, there is no better way than to use an app like MIT Scratch. Use fun programming elements to teach kids programming basics like loops, variables, and conditional statements. The application also allows users to send commands and create unique programs, presentations and games and create applications. It also offers several built-in scratch tutorials from MITand discussion forums to help children navigate the learning curve. Also, the app is easy to use, free to download, and works both online and offline.

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Windows 10 AIO x64 pt-BR Office 2019 Janeiro 2021 Torrent



Tamanho: GB

Architecture: k64

Language: PT-PT

BIOS: UEFA / Legacy

Format: ISO/ESD

MD-5: 21326A71CB87AB14BC1872E490ECAF55

Sha: 90E953A3BFE3A5E28D413FF74CF272F2DB1A7185


Win10 Home + Office 2019

Win10 Pro + Office 2019

Win10 Home Single Language + Office 2019

Win10 Education + Office 2019

Win10 Pro Education + Office 2019

Win10 Pro Workstation + Office 2019

Win10 Enterprise + Office 2019

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iTunes Windows 64-bit torrent


iTunes 11 fa schifo, quindi ecco un aggiornamento 🙂

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Google Docs Teddy Boy 64 Bit Torrent Download


Google Docs – Spelling forever Google Docs is part of Google’s suite of products available in the Google Cloud. It is a web-based online platform that allows you to create and edit documents. Google Docs projects are stored in Google Drive and enable real-time collaboration. To do this, we have all the features we need to write and edit a document, do we need them? Google Docs is a great tool for writing, editing, collaborating, viewing, sharing, and creating documents. It’s well integrated and compatible with other Google products, and is easily accessible through Google Drive. Document features are extensive and everything you need to create documents is easily accessible, from basic editing to previewing and working online to extracting files offline (function () {(‚review-app-page-desktop‘);}); What are the benefits of Google Docs? This network software has changed the way we work. Every year, its use in a professional environment becomes more common. People now prefer to share links to Google Docs instead of adding Word files as before. Editing and collaborating with Google Docs is extremely easy, and because multiple users can access them in real time, it’s easy to edit the same document without having to go back and forth and share multiple versions of the same document. Same file. This significantly reduces the time and effort of reviewing and validating a file, and you can also make real-time changes for faster execution. It is a very productive and efficient program that is intuitive and easy to use. For professionals, they are also a personal business, this program is simply the best tool to use. For longer projects, Docs is a ready-to-use repository. The same project can be done on a disk that can be worked on at any time. It also eliminates the need to work with a specific device at any time, because when you sync Google Accounts between devices, files are available wherever you sign up for that account. What’s wrong with Google Docs? Sometimes a Google Docs file isn’t compatible for download, and formatting changes will occur when the file is moved from its format to offline software. Although you can make documents available for offline use, Google Docs works best online, which can be a problem when you’re offline or disconnected. In addition, it is not yet the norm in many professional work environments, but it is changing rapidly. How can this be compared to Microsoft Word? Most of us who are used to using Microsoft Word from the past are so familiar with the program that using it is almost different. While Google Docs is fairly intuitive and easy to use, they have a different interface than the Word Docs we’re used to. Collaborating with documents is much easier because it can be done in real time and does not require multiple versions of the same work file. Because document files are written to disk, their access differs from any device in a Microsoft Word file that is written only to the device in which it was created, unless you share it with someone or save it manually to a cloud folder. Other programs like Evernote, OneNote and others. Are they alternatives, but not comparableWith features available on Google, like the last word in Google Docs? Google Docs has changed the way we work with personal and professional documents. This software is fully integrated with Google products such as Google Mail, Drive, Tables, Calendar, Contacts, etc., making it very easy to use with many of Google’s family features. Working on it is available everywhere, and you just need to sign in to your Google Account. Real-time collaboration is also one of the main reasons why it works so well. This program has changed the way we work and made professional and remote collaboration so easy.

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Recuva 64/32 Bit download


Convenient recovery of lost or deleted files Recuva is a convenient way to recover deleted files on a Windows computer. Freemium can recover a variety of file formats and types, including documents, emails, photos, videos, music, and more. Whether you lost the file or deleted it a few weeks ago, Recuva can recover data from memory cards, external hard drives, and the system’s internal memory. Over the years, the platform has become the choice for recovering data and recovering lost images, documents, PDFs and other files. Recuva is a useful tool for Windows that allows you to recover deleted or lost files from internal or external memory. As it is a free application, you can use the basic version without any restrictions. However, you must upgrade the tool to obtain additional recovery capacity, virtual hard disk support, and critical customer support. In addition, Recuva can be used as a portable program, which is great for helping others with data recovery issues (({(‚review-app-page-desktop‘);} function); Getting started? Downloading Recuva comes with a simple installation package.) problems or complications throughout the installation process, but you can click the Customize button to choose whether to open Recuve on startup or leave it in the Manager Manager.Restore lost files through the interface, the program looks quite simple and has a simple interface, but because this tool is actually practical , you don’t have to focus too much on application aesthetics, given its powerful data rescue features before or not the data rescue program, you can easily find it in Recuva if you start using the program there are too many hidden features to think about or worry about, because all is listed and easily accessible directly from the home screen al. The recovery options are provided as a guide that guides you through the entire recovery process to use Recuve? With a simple and clean interface, Recuva is an easy-to-use program. If you have selected a system scan, you will be prompted for a specific hard drive. If you’re not sure, you can scan your entire system to find recently deleted files. When the scan is complete, the tool displays a complete list of reusable items to check and select a program that provides detailed information about the files, such as name, exact location on the hard disk, last modified date, file size, and data recovery probability. Where possible, Recuva will provide information about changes to deleted files. For example, a file may have been accidentally overwritten, and the program will notify you if such changes have been made to a particular file, you will see the file you are looking for in the list, just click Restore, and the program will do all it can to save the data. When the process is complete, you must select a destination folder to save the file. Does the development team estimate that the chance of recovering a file is greater if you save it to a device other than the one that Recuva supports? Compared to other similar software, such as Free Data Recovery, Smart Data Recovery and My Document Recovery, Recuval has an easier recovery process. Most importantly, the tool provides excellent customer support and answers your concerns or questions through a detailed FAQ section. It is alsoan extensive forum focusing on information, tips and advice to improve the quality of guides and guides. Recuva carefully explains the process for repairing damaged files, such as Word documents. In addition, the application has a special section of options that allows you to make small changes to improve the overall polishing experience, there is nothing fancy or glamorous about using Recuve. It’s just a light, secure and easily reliable program for easy recovery of lost files. Once you’ve recovered your data, it’s not hidden behind a firewall, and you can restore your files to your system without having to pay for a guide that guides you through all the steps, making it easier for beginners. The program has no abrupt learning curve and you can start recovering data from scratch. Undoubtedly, Recuva is a great choice for backing up your data, recovering deleted files, and ensuring that you don’t lose important files in your newest version of Windows 10? The latest version of the Recuve download has enhanced features. The development team also made a number of bug fixes that significantly improved the user experience. Whether you’re trying to back up data, move to corrupted files, or accidentally delete important documents, Recuva offers an advanced partition and driver application with improved Ext3 and Ext4 file system support and better scanning of Fat32 partition files. For Windows 10 computers, the tool includes optimized secure overwrite and a number of graphical interface enhancements. Although there is no dedicated app for Android or Mac yet, you can connect these devices to your Windows laptop. To do this, you need to review some tips on how to perfectly recover deleted or missing files in Windows. With Recuve, you can quickly recover documents, pictures, videos, music, emails, or other types of files. The program can recover data from writable media devices, including external hard drives, memory cards, USB keys, virtual hard drives, and more. Unlike other file recovery tools, this program can even recover data from newly formatted or corrupted Recuva, which offers more flexibility and increases the possibility of recovery. For hard-to-access file formats, the tool also has an advanced deep scan feature that scans system drivers for traces of lost or deleted files. Overall, it’s a good choice and definitely worth a try. You won’t be disappointed with it.

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Windows 10 Gamer Edition x64 1909 August 2021 Team-LiL scaricare


Windows 10 Gamer Enterprise x64 Edition 1909 En-Us agosto 2021 Team-LiL

versione del sistema operativo 1909

abbiamo deciso di aggiornare la versione del 1909 in quanto sembra essere più stabile della versione del 2004

Fatto da piccolo uomo (Team-LiL)

sfondi del giocatore icone del menu di avvio del giocatore di Avenator

si prega di leggere le informazioni del menu di avvio nella cartella del documento

Attivazione della licenza digitale di Windows 10


Cancella l’attivazione automatica dello script di attivazione CMD con l’installazione.

se trovi che non è stato attivato

assicurati di essere online non dietro il vpn

vai al sistema nel pannello di controllo fai clic su attiva finestra

e attendi che venga attivato. forse anche fare clic su risoluzione dei problemi

ha già Windows Store Edge Browser

Accoppiato con la costruzione

Aggiorna Microsoft Windows

Struttura Microsoft –

La componente di gioco diretta di legacy

Microsoft XNA Framework è ridistribuibile

Microsoft Visual C++ 2005-2019 (x86 x64)

Diretto 9 – 12

Mega K-lite

WinRAR x64

Booster di gioco intelligente

Non sbirciare10

Winaero Tweaker


Apri il menu di avvio Shell + skin aggiuntive + icone del menu di avvio aggiuntive

UltraUXTheme Patch

Temi aggiuntivi

Computer portatile (nell’unità C)

Schermo blu X64

CPU-Z 196

Più conduttori

Editor file host +158


Ispettore Nvidia

Specifiche del sistema

WhatsInStartup x64


Potenza Wi-Fi

Preimposta il piano di alimentazione per prestazioni eccezionali

Il preset del file RAM virtuale è impostato su 16000


Cortana, Telemetria


Menu contestuale – Attiva il blocco note per aprire file ninfo

Esplora – Disattiva annunci notifiche

Esplora: disabilita l’elenco dei programmi aperti di recente

Esplora – Disattiva il monitoraggio degli utenti

Explorer – Aumenta la cache delle icone a 4 MB

Esplora: esegui in un processo separato

Interfaccia utente moderna – Applicazioni – Cortana disabilitato

Interfaccia utente moderna – Applicazioni – Cortana disabilita la ricerca web online

Interfaccia utente moderna – Applicazioni – Onedrive disabilita l’integrazione

Interfaccia utente moderna – Riduci la velocità di spegnimento per le moderne applicazioni dell’interfaccia utente

Interfaccia utente moderna – Riduci la distanza di scorrimento nella schermata di chiusura

Menu Start – Disabilita le applicazioni appena aggiunte

Menu Start – Disabilita suggerimenti suggeriti per le applicazioni dell’interfaccia utente

Sistema – Disabilita il limite di larghezza di banda

Sistema – Abilita cache di sistema di grandi dimensioni

Sistema – Aumenta il timeout del disco (5 secondi)

Sistema – Aumenta la velocità di arresto

Sistema – Migliora la risposta della shell di Windows

Sistema – Riduci il tempo di avvio per le applicazioni di avvio del desktop

Barra delle applicazioni – Aumenta la trasparenza

Barra delle applicazioni – Rimuovi Meet ora

Memoria virtuale / Scambio file – 4000 MB – 8000 MB

Ottimizza lettori – Automatico

Funzionalità rimossa/disabilitata

generatore 3D

Stampa 3D

visualizzazione 3D

Interfaccia utente moderna – Bing Finance

Interfaccia utente moderna – Cibo bevande

Interfaccia utente moderna – Salute fitness

Interfaccia utente moderna – Bing News

Interfaccia utente moderna – Bing Sports

Interfaccia utente moderna – Bing Travel

Interfaccia utente moderna – Meteo


Framework (SDK annunci)

Scheletro (Persone)

Dirigente (cronologia chiamate)

La mia gente

OBE (breve)

Centro feedback

Automazione d’ufficio

Una nota

disegno 3D

molte persone



Stampa 3D

Dimostrazione al dettaglio


Nota adesiva

Collezione Solitari

Commenti di Windows

Windows Phone

Il tuo telefono

Zune Musica

Video Zune

Una guida

Richiesta di file basata su OneDrive

Backup online di OneDrive

Supporto remoto

Connessione al computer remoto

Desktop remoto (aiuto rapido)


Servizio disattivato (può essere riattivato se necessario)

Esperienza utente connessioneTelemetria – Disabilitato


Stampa spooler

servizio telefonico

Servizi di supporto per la stampante

Servizi di flusso di lavoro di stampa

Servizi di programmi per persone in Windows

Configurazione guidata automatizzata (rielaborata)

Account amministratore locale

Connessione automatica

nome utente = GIOCATORE

password = GIOCATORE

per impostare il tuo nome utente password, vai al nostro canale di contestazione per scoprire come prima di installare questa finestra

Testo generale di Team-LiLchat win-10-gamer-edit-xml

Informazioni sul file di Autounattend

selezionare la lingua all’inizio dell’installazione

selezionare dove installare sull’unità del computer

attendere l’installazione.

un account amministratore locale GAMER verrà creato automaticamente

il desktop dovrebbe connettersi automaticamente dopo l’installazione

Crediti: per lo script di attivazione

Script di attivazione di Microsoft WindowsAddict

URL breve –

IMAGE ISO = compressione GB esd utilizzata

MD5 = 527F7424B7B049D5057902874C998B25

SHA-1 = 4FEEFAF3241CFCC1ADF3A2B5A10FF4A550B7107D

usa Rufus per creare supporti di montaggio USB da immagini iso

Quando crei un’unità USB avviabile, ricorda di scegliere lo schema di partizione corretto per l’unità di sistema C


più approfondite nella nostra discussione team-lil controversie sulla chat di testo generale clean-install-windows

Non limitarti a mordi fuggi

Pensa agli altri che ti hanno aiutato

Per favore condividi il tuo file di sezione. quindi il torrent finisce più velocemente.

super seed in modo che ognuno ottenga un file di sezione diverso

i divisori di file non parziali verranno bloccati dall’IP

si prega di spruzzare brevemente dopo aver ottenuto il 100% grazie

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